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Katie has been singing professionally for 13 years and attributes most of her love and ability for singing to having sang along to the Evanescence tracks for many years as a teengager. As well as Forevanescence Katie has also been in a number of other bands such as Cenfora & Kingmakers as well as performing many principal roles in theatre productions as well as having a career as a solo vocalist.


Katie has been a fan of Evanescence since she first discovered ‘Bring Me To Life’ when she was 12 and has been an avid fan ever since, from seeing them at her home town or travelling to the Czeh Republic to see them on her birthday. 


“As soon as I heard them I was hooked! I loved the vocals, the fact that there was this beautiful voice that cut through the heaviness of the music and it just worked. I wasn’t a huge fan of metal at that point so they definitely set me off on that path. As much as I love the heaviness of the band I’m always drawn to the softer melodic songs such as ‘My Immortal’ and ‘Secret Door’ - those are the ones I look forward to when they bring out a new album. I used to spend ages on the web trying to find tracks of theirs i’d never heard such as their original EP ‘Origins’. I told myself 7 years prior to Forevanescence that I wanted to be in an Evanescence Tribute band. It took me long enough but I finally did it!”


My favorite tracks are ‘Hello’ & ‘Good Enough’

Singer of Forevanescence Amy Lee lookalike singing tracks from Evanescene wearing black dress
Bassist from Forevanescence Jen Majura lookalike playing base live to Evanescence tracks. Woman in black playng Bass




Becky was only 7 years old when she learned to play her first instrument, the organ. She started playing guitar at age 10 and then added piano and drums to the list in her teens. It wasn’t until she was in her early 20’s that she bought her first bass but it very quickly became her main instrument, becoming bassist in covers bands in South Wales before moving to Birmingham and joining original metal bands such as Colorado Lounge and Genesis Arc.


Becky’s gateway to heavier music was grunge and punk bands such as Nirvana and Green Day, she then discovered metal with bands such as Metallica. Hearing “Bring me to life” on the radio when it was released she was instantly a fan of Evanescence, buying the first album “Fallen” and loving the rest of the tracks. “Heavy music at that time was very male dominated. I loved the female voice and bands such as Garbage and Skunk Anansie, but as far as metal was concerned there were very few, if any, female voices. All of a sudden a heavy band with beautiful female vocals appeared, and I instantly loved it. Being a pianist as well I loved the fact that a piano was being used in metal and an orchestra. Having been a fan of Metallica, I enjoyed their S&M album, so was excited to hear a band use strings as more than a one off. The pianist in me also loves the softer tracks, when it’s just Amy and a piano with a few strings in the background, they make for great contrast with the heavier songs.” My Favourite song is a lesser known piano track “The Last Song I’m Wasting on you”.




I’ve been playing guitar since I was 16, some time in the 19th Century. 


Bands I’ve been in: Kaa, Bond, Liquid Sky, Nya 


I discovered Evanescence through “Bring me to life” in the Daredevil movie soundtrack. I got “Fallen” on import before it was even released in the UK! What made me notice them was a powerful female vocal in a rock/metal band, which at the time was a lot less common than now. 


I like them because they have adapted their sound across various albums but are still almost immediately identifiable. They’re catchy and melodic, but diverse and interesting too. 


Favourite Evanescence song is either “Tourniquet” or “What you want”.

Guitarist of Forevanescence Will Hunt lookalike playin guitar live to Evanescence tracks. Man in waistcoat playing guitar
Guitarist of Forevanescene playing guitar to Evanescence tracks. Man in black shirt playing guitar




I started teaching myself guitar over twenty years ago and have been in bands almost as long. My experience has mainly been with various forms
of the more extreme side of metal, deathcore in Shatter Effect, melodic death metal in Biolith and In Silence Sealed, and progressive stoner metal in Lord Karnage, as well as a couple of acoustic projects. 

Although I tend to prefer the heavier side of hard rock and metal, I was introduced to Evanescence in 2003 and was intrigued by the combination of atmospheric synths, nu metal riffs and classically trained vocals.

Favourite track is Disappear which is not one of their more mainstream singles but there's just something about it which I really enjoy.

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